Snow Day!

Yip, it's for sure a snow day!
Too bad it's already my day off, and I work within walking distance of home!
Otherwise I would for sure have called in tomorrow!

All the buses are "not in service", and struggling to get up our road.

And no taxi's will even drive round our area!
It's MAYHEM!! ... not really!

Makes for pretty pictures though!

Taken and edited on my phone, nifty huh!
The only down side... I had to go to the shop in a fricking blizzard to get my bacon and sausage for a breakfast butty because the sandwich shop was shut =/
And nothing says snow day like having to don some tracky bottoms and rigger boots to get to the shop a few feet down the road!

That's all for my snow day report =D

Ciao for now bellas!

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