What's In My Make Up Bag?

So I thought I would expose the ridiculousness that is my make up bag.
I carry this make up bag with me to work or to anywhere I might be staying for a long time.

Its a Dior make up bag, which my mom gave me.

And it is SUPER JAM PACKED full!

eye roller/foundations/powders/concealer


cream shadows/metallic pallets/eye liners/primers/brow pencil/brow gel


lipsticks/lip paint

lip gloss/lip cream/lip balm/chapstick


hand cream/compact/hand wipes

The whole fricking collection!
If we're going out somewhere like to stay overnight, this comes with me, and it comes to work with me.
But if its just normal going out somewhere I usually do my face before and then take the items i used on my eyes, cheeks and lips in my purse with me.

Do you guys carry alot in your "travel" make up bag too?

Ciao for now bellas!

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