Body Positivity #1 Stretch marks


A while ago I had posted a bit of a rant about being fat, again, like most of my posts recently, it was deleted. 
And I was wanting to do another one again because I think it's important that people don't only see the polished make up clad person I am, but also see what I am underneath all the clothing and hair bows.
I felt like maybe I would make this a mini series of posts about body image and body positivity would go down well, mostly because it's something I would enjoy reading, and hopefully so will my readers.
(I did manage to find said photo's of that post though, so I'm going to put them here since they're definitely appropriate for this particular post.)


What people usually see of me is this sort of thing...

A polished face, hair styled and dressed in some dress and cardigan combo... which is generally a good representation of me and my style and how I like poeple to see me.
BUT what people don't see if the glorious "tiger striped" adorning my body, predominantly on my tummy, sides and some tiny ones on my boobs.

I can't honestly remember a time when I didn't have these lines on my belly. All through school I remember having them and they never really bothered me.
My mom always told me to rub my tummy with bio oil so the marks could reduce and lighten in colour, but I never did.
They are a part of my body, and I don't want to change my body in any way, so why try make these pretty lines disappear?

So whilst laying out in the sun yesterday afternoon, I looked at my belly, and studied these wonderful lines that cover my tummy, and I wanted to "showcase" them for once.
I have yet to find the perfect fatkini to wear, so for now... this will do.

I outlined some of them and it looks like a map. I love it! A map of my belly.

I often have people on tumblr asking me how I became so confident, how am I able to post pictures of my fat stomach. And I often wonder myself when this confidence kicked in, in school I was never shy or scared of my weight. I didn't wear baggy clothing to hide my body at all, I can always just remember being quite extrovert and boisterous. Obviously I wasn't as confident back then as I am now, but I think this feeling of self love has always been there.

My stretchmarks aren't as dark as they used to be. They have faded severely in the past few months.

I love love love how these images came out.

It's important to remember that we aren't just the pretty faces we put on everyday, we are also the grey hairs, stretchmarks, scars, folds, and all other faults, but that is what makes us all special! (cheesy, but true)

And here are the other pictures of my glorious belly.

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. You are brilliant and gorgeous. <3 xxx

    1. Oh thanks, its always good to have positive feedback when you put yourself out there!

  2. Your awesome :D I wished I would of had your confidence at school and in my younger years. I may even be lacking now but I love you to bits! Thank you for sharing this :) I read a book as a teen and wish i embraced it and it was a bobbi brown beauty books. And you know what she said? Embrace your flaws, because it is what makes you YOU. She spoke about how she hated her thick brows and over twee-zed them and she says she wished she never did because she hardly has anything now. She looks back at them and says she loves how thick they were. I learned that early on even though I didnt full embrace it I accepted it and so now I am feeling like - I know I am beautiful!! I dont need someone else confirmation. Im not vain about it but I have an inner confidence. Flaws and all because I am me and no one else can fill my shoes. Like you can only fill yours. I also liked an old film (a little cheesy) but called a little princess (1995) - where the little girl is told everyone is a princess no matter what her circumstances. I'd like to say that here - we are all royalty in our own right because we are special and beautiful in our own unique way. :D Sorry I ranted but felt passionate to share :D

    1. I love the film Little Princess! It's such an inspirational story, even though I'm sure it isnt aimed at 25yr olds, I still feel like it has every bit of relevance in my life! I think every girl should feel like they are a special princess! And we are all special, we all deserve to feel that way!

  3. Woooo! Love This Post!
    I love the outlining of the stretch marks, it makes for some pretty kick ass art as well.

    1. I know, it came out way better than I though and I actually kinda liked having that ink on my tummy!

  4. hi honey

    just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

    I think your mentality is fab and your confidence is awe inspiring.
    I'm a fatty have been for too many years, but I have no confidence in myself.my wardrobe consists of maintain black.
    I follow too many blogs where I feel we have nothing in common.serioysly need to find more lovely ladies like yourself.

    thank you


    1. Oh thank you so much!
      Get away from black! Show off your fat in colours!!!


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