Week in Outfits #1

So if anyone can remember, I had started doing a weekly series of outfit posts, but sadly with all the fuckery of Google+ they got lost.
I managed to find some of them so I'm going to put them all here, and then resume this weekly series of outfits.
Obviously I am also going to continue my usual OOTD posts, but like I had said before, I am also going to document my outfits on a daily basis too.

So here we go ... sorry there's so many this week.

primark tank/primark cardigan/primark leggings/new look skirt

asda dress/asda belt/primark leggings/primark cardigan

sainsburys leggings/primark dress/primark cardigan

excite dress/tesco cardigan/matalan bag/topman sunglasses/primark shoes/asda leggings

asda bra/asda leggings/asda sheer top

asda sheer top/primark tank/new look skirt/mango cardigan

primark pumps/peacocks skirt/peacocks belt/primark tank/primark cardigan

sainsburys leggings/excite dress/primark trainers/primark cardigan/peacocks belt

new look skirt/new look gillet/primark pumps/primark leggings/asda sheer top

excite dress/asda leggings/primark pumps/primark gillet/peacocks belt/

asda cardigan/asda shorts/primark boobtube

asda sheer top/ asda bra/primark leggings/ primark pumps/asda cardigan

primark tshirt/primark belt/h&m shirt/asda gillet

primark cardigan/asda leggings/matalan top/primark shoes

primark cardigan/asda dress/sainsburys leggings/ebay bag/primark pumps

asda sheer top/evans tunic/primark leggings

new look skirt/matalan belt/primark boobtube/primark cardigan

asda tunic/asda leggings

asda leggings/tesco boots/primark tank/primark cardigan/matalan dress

asda gillet/primark skirt/primark leggings/prumark belt/trapped in a skinny world tshirt

marks&sparks leggings/primark pumps/asos skirt/t k maxx cardigan/peacocks belt

yoursclothing tights/h&m skirt/asda top/asda jacket/peacocks belt/primark pumps

asda dress/primark leggings/peacocks belt/asda jacket/primark pumps

primark leggings/primark pumps/new look gillet/peacocks skirt/peacocks belt

primark boobtube/asda leggings/evans cardigan/tesco boots

Gosh... thats alot of outfits. Here's to many more weeks of this series!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Woww honey I love all the outfits, you look so pretty.
    I fall in love with all the clothes you wear.
    you have a great personality
    Kisses and hugs from spain.
    Sorry for my English is a little bad opps =)
    Yesterday I posted new post in blog, http://theduchessbyanapizarro.blogspot.com.es/

    1. Oh thanks =D I have fun putting them together!

  2. wow outfit overload! :) love the skirt as a dress looks! multipurpose it always awesome! x

    1. I know right? And it was free from the clothes swap, bargain!

  3. I love your outfits they are all so lovely x


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