Review - Sony MDRZX300L Headphones

I was kindly contacted recently to try some *products and gadgets for phones/ipods & computers.
I opted for the Sony MDRZX300L Fashionable Monitor Style Headphones.

I am quite a fussy shopper when it comes to head/earphones and am always trying to find a pair which work well with both my Blackberry and laptop, so when I was given the chance to review a proper branded set, I couldn't say no.

These headphones are lightweight, stylish and don't make you look like an utter dork like some other gaudy headphones do. They have an adjustable "head band" which is easily moved to suit you. The actual speaker itself is quite small and sleek, but still covers your whole ear.

I am often off in town for long periods of time, and need headphones which can deliver quality sound, and I think these definitely come through. The only thing I wish they did have is a volume control, but that's just because my current set of earphones has this volume control feature, and I am just so used to it. These headphones certainly work well with music which has a lot of bass. Although adjusting the headset equalizer to a different style will sort that out if you aren't too partial to very "bassy" music like I am.
My current phone music collection goes from Beyonce to Mumford & Sons, so there  are alot of different music styles  that the headphones would need to cope with, and these do the trick for sure. They block out just enough sound from the outside world, but let in just enough so you can still hear a phone ringing. The sound quality is also quite clear and doesn't have a muffled sound as some headphones sometimes do.

The price isn't too bad either. They sell for roughly £21.00, which I would say is  decent, specially if you are on a budget like myself. You'd expect to pay a lot higher for a branded product like these, so they're definitely a bargain!

All in all, I find these to be a good value for money item. They are light enough to carry into your handbag, and great for on the go.
These have definitely changed my opinions on the headphones vs earphones debate.

* This item was given to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid, and my opinions are my own, and honest.*

Ciao for now bellas!

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