Shopping with ladies


Well I am a bit behind in posting since I have been quite busy over the last week, but I am back to normal posting again.
A few weekends ago I went out with Laura, Rachel and new friend Lisa.

What I Wore:
Striped Boobtube - Primark
Polka Dot skirt - H&M
Cardigan - Primark
Leggings - Primark
Belt - Dorithy Perkins
Pumps - Primark
Polka dot headband - Primark

We met in Meadowhall and hopped over to the Yours clothing store which had just opened. There was actually quite a big variety of clothing available, and most sizes were present.
The shop is lovely, and the changing rooms are decorated awesomely. 

I took in a few dresses to try on.
First this flora floaty dress. It had pockets sort of in the fold of the dress, very cleverly hidden.

This dress was actually a UK size 30. And it it was a bit of a hassle to get over my boobs. 

This cute polka dot dress/tunic was the next one I tried. I like the dress it self, but I'm not the biggest fan of the big bow on the neck line.
I took a 24 as I like to size up for my boobs and it was VERY tight fitting. In fact, it felt like it was a Primark size 20. Which is very disappointing as I have other Yours dresses in 24's and they're very forgiving and baggy on me. It's funny how even though they're a plus size clothing store, they still have ill fitting dresses. 

See how clinging it is, admittedly I was pushing my belly out for the picture, but you get the point of my argument a bit easier with seeing how badly it fit.

And the last one was this butterfly print dress/tunic. This one was in a 26, and was MUCH more forgiving than the previous dress. It was quite floaty, not my usual style, but I could see myself with this dress, outside on a pub balcony, drinking cocktails with the girls, kinda vibe. Something that can be casual or more dressy with a change of shoes.

We then went to New Look, and almost panicked when we went up the stairs to find no Inspire section.
Luckily, it had not been removed, merely moved to the bottom of the store.
The changing rooms were full so Laura and I paired up.
We tried these adorable Magenta Polka Dot skinny jeans, they were alright, but not enough space in the gusset area to contain our fat bellies. 

I saw this animal print hoodie and had reservations since I find it so hard to find hoodies that close over my massive mounds on my chest, but this one fit and zipped up ALL the way, and had cute ears on the top of the hood.

I also spotted 2 gorgeous Leather Biker Jackets, only managed to get a pic of one of them, this Waterfall Biker Jacket, which again, zipped up all the way over my boobs. This jacket was a 24, I'd proably get a 26 for that extra bit of length and space for cardigans and such in winter.

This is the other jacket, again, I tried a 24, and it fit fine. 
Its just a plain Collared Biker Jacket. 
Hoping I get a job soon so I can purchase both those jackets. I have been lusting over them ever since I saw them. And considering I was going to purchase this biker jacket from ASOS, I reckon spending less the money for twice the items is a bargain

We popped over to H&M aswell. I tried on a green Sheer top, advertised as a 26 ... clearly NOT a 26 though.

In Primark I just got a few tops, and a pair of pumps, and whilst in the MASSIVE queue saw this comedy glasses. They were something like a quid, or a quid, and 50p. Very silly things.

I only stayed for a few hours as my mom was ferrying my about and she was still doing shopping, so we went over to ASDA and I picked out 2 bra's for £14.
BARGAIN & a half I'd say!

That's all for my ladydate outing, hopefully more to come in the future!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. BOOBS!
    The animal hoody looks awesome and really snuggly! You look fab in the biker jacket and I bet the other one looks great too :)

    1. Theyre great jackets, so sad I couldnt get them, not yet :/

  2. I love the animal print hoody too. If I went into an actual Yours store, God the damage I could do! I'd get myself into trouble! xo

    1. Trust me, If I had gone out with £100, Id have spent it all in Yours!

  3. OMG I want that animal hoody! lol x

  4. I'm a 20 in primark and a 20 in Dorothy Perkins, when I shop in new look inspire, I have to size down to an 18, even though the standard 18 doesn't fit me, I don't undertstand your sizing issues, I honestly think you're under estimating your size, I'm NOT trying to put you down at all, but a lot of your clothes look tight and I'll fitted. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bigger size. Proper fitting will make you look even more stylish and fantastic. Try measuring yourself and comparing it to these company's clothing charts? I think you'll find you're more a 24 on bottom and a 26 on top x

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