FOTD Friday

Used: Sleek blush / Avon lip balm / No7 Peep show Mascara / MUA glittery black eyeliner

Used: Elf Blush / Avon eye definer / Rimmel Eyebrow pencil / Collection2000 mascara

Used: Collection 2000 Blush / Vasaline lip balm / Rimmel eyebrow pencil / Collection 2000 Mascara

Used: MUA blush / Rimmel Eyebrow pencil / MUA Royal Blue eyeliner / MUA Mascara and No7 Peepshow mascara

Used: Collection 2000 Blush / Rimmel Eyebrow pencil / MUA Pearl Eyeshadow / No7 Peep show mascara


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  1. I know this post is about makeup, but that necklace is fantastic.


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