Body Positivity #2 Fat bellys

Back in September I posted a delightfully well received piece on body positivity, I said I wanted to continue posting such posts which challenge people's perception of beautiful and acceptable body types.
Last time I spoke about stretch marks, and how much I love how beautiful they look over my body...  this time round I am going talk about my big fat belly.

This is my fat stomach.
And you know what, I FUCKING LOVE IT! 

Yes Its fat, wobbly and not what many perceive as attractive, but I think it looks awesome!
I love how it looks in dresses, skirts, I love how it looks in leggings, and a bikini.
I think more girls should show off their belly's.

When I see a girl rocking a crop top and a bare belly, it makes my heart flutter!

I kinda feel like as a fatty we are always told to hide out fatness and bellys, but I say SOD IT you nay sayers!
I'm going to wear a bikini on holidays, I'm going to wear sheer tops which show my round belly underneath them, I'm going to wear crop tops and you know what... I'm going to look good doing so!

It's high time people stopped dictating what IS or ISNT attractive and start teaching young girls and boys to love their bodies regardless!

I mean, just look at it!
My belly is glorious!



  1. I love this post, and your very brave to put this out there. I love my figure and so does my man, but I am not comfortable to share it with the flesh on show, so hats off to you lady.

    Love it


  2. Love this post ! Your fab xx

  3. What a post. Glorious is spot on xx

  4. You look fucking rad, and I L.O.V.E. your confidence. The top in the bottom picture is awesome, too! xx

  5. Amen & i love your belly too x

  6. Anonymous13/8/13

    You have a very pretty face, although eyebrows do need some TLC as it will frame your eyes better.. . Make the most of your assets, which is your face in my opinion! And well done for those pics!!!!

  7. Anonymous20/9/13

    So sexy babe :)

  8. Thanks for your spirit and for sharing your exquisite loveliness.

  9. Anonymous7/2/14

    I´m so happy right now I nearly got to cry, to see you posting this beautiful pictures of yourself makes me feel so much better! BIG IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Anonymous28/3/14

    I admire you and your right to feel beautiful. I think attractiveness comes with how you feel about yourself, not how others see you, though sometimes its hard when people bring you down. I would say I would join your band wagon but I have to say I don't like to see any ones tummy, I am prude I know but I like it better when people cover up. Born in the wrong era I know should have been a victorian. Lol

  11. Hi Lisa, hope you dont mind but i just wanted to say that i think you have a great body and also love your belly. your blog is great

  12. Anonymous21/5/14

    omg... wtf...

  13. Anonymous13/6/14

    Hmmm, your confidence is inspiring - however I really, really fear for your health. It's great to be big and beautiful, however being obese is a lot different to be "plus sized". From a click read through your blog it is easy to understand you have a relatively bad diet. I really worry for your health, and the health of your readers.

    It is NEVER wrong to love your body, but your health is of PARAMOUNT importance - you can be big, beautiful and belly loving without seriously risking your health.

    Before you jump down my throat, I am a doctor - but I don't need to be one to tell you that you are so overweight there is no way your body is at an optimum health level.

    I am not being rude, it is concern.

    1. Please take your concern elsewhere. You may be a doctor, but you are not MY doctor, you cant judge my health by looking at a blog post from over a year ago. Any time you post something saying you aren't being rude, its safe to assume you are being rude!


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