Graze Arrived - 28 December 2012

As always, it comes nicely packaged in a recyclable box.
With the information book telling you all about your graze that week.
All the nutritional info and also the half off friends n family coupons.

This weeks nutritional info also talks about swapping one snack for a healthier snack, and how making that small change can change alot in your life, and makes you feel that extra bit healthier.

What I Got:
1. Tomato Dipinetti & 2. After Eight Mint.
3.Vanilla Cherry Frangipane  & 4. Cheddar Gorge.

This weeks box was a delightful treat. I can honestly say I loved every single box this time round. I usually enjoy most of the snack pots in my boxes, but one of them usually isnt to my liking. This one was probably the best I have ever had!

My verdict on this weeks box:

The Tomato Dipinetti, which contains slow cooked cherry tomato relish with rosemary grissinetti, I loved this. I love a good chutney or relish, and this was a lovely tomato'y and slight onion'y taste. It had a nice light taste, and the bread sticks are so nice and crisp, they just work so well with the dip. I can't fault it at all. I loved it.

The After Eight Mint's... well what a little surprise this was. It contained mint infused raisins, blanched almonds and dark chocolate buttons. Ok, so I love raisins, and I do love the raspberry infused ones I have had before, but peppermint raisins... MIND BLOWN.  It was amazing, I did not expect that at all. And you'd think that peppermint raisins would be gross, but they were flipping amazing! The chocolate buttons were good too, and put together, they did taste just like an after 8 mint.

The next box was the Vanilla Cherry Frangipane. It contained cherries, almonds, vanilla pumpkin and vanilla sunflower seeds. I already love cherry's, and vanilla flavoured seeds, The almonds were nice as they were still in their skin and I prefer almonds like that.
The Cherrys were so chewy and squishy, they were sour too, which was lovely. A delicious snack pot indeed.

And lastly the Cheddar Gorge snack pot. Containing my favourite ingredients cheese cashews, baked herb bites and salsa corn sticks. I Love the herb bites, and put all three items together, its like a cheesy ball of awesomeness. 
I love cashew nuts plain, but when theyre flavoured, its like an orgasm on my tongue.

If youre interested in getting a Graze box to try yourself, go to graze.com and enter the promo code - M5X7K49T. That gets you a free graze box, compliments of ME =D 


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  1. I love Graze boxes! So good! I think I've only tried the Cheddar Gorge one out of all these, and agree with you about the cashews!


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