Graze Box Arrived - 11 Jan 2013

As always, it comes nicely packaged in a recyclable box.
With the information book telling you all about your graze that week.
All the nutritional info and also the half off friends n family coupons.

This week it tells us how to enjoy the chocolate in Graze boxes, and what they should taste like.

What I Got:
1. Mumbai Masala & 2. Omega Booster Seeds.
3.Fruit Mango Chutney  & 4. Florentine.

My verdict on this weeks box:

I liked the look of the Mumbai Masala since it had those baked corn bites which I LOVE, so when I read the contents, baked curry bites, spicy chick peas and masala cashews, I did get quite excited! Cashews! and chickpeas! And Curry bites... ENOUGH SAID!

I  haven't yet had the Omega booster seed box, I am going to share it with my dad, he loves these seedy snack pots! It contains sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and golden linseeds. Excited to try this one.

Now obviously I am already a fan of the next one, I love the dipper boxes, and this one, the Fruit Mango Chutney box, contains a lovely fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers. Need I say more??

Lastly, the Florentine, contains pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries. I'll be taking this one to work next week in place of my usual packet of fruit n nuts.

If youre interested in getting a Graze box to try yourself, go to graze.com and enter the promo code - M5X7K49T. That gets you a free graze box, compliments of ME =D 



  1. just ordered myself a free box YEY!

    1. Oh lovely! Hope you enjoy it lady friend!


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