Rad Fats go Shopping Trip #1 part 2

Continuing on from my previous post about awesome fats going shopping, found here ... 

I do believe we went to have a mid shop snack somewhere, it wasn't exciting. 
But I did get a nice mango smoothie, and a warming toastie, for my belly.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper blog post without a picture of said food!

We went into Yours clothing, and I was a bit surprised as it is a bit of a dingy shop. And it's on 2 levels, which is bizarre  but hey, who'm I to complain? Least they had a Yours clothing store too!

They had quite a decent selection of clothing on sale, and I tried a few items.
And ended up only buying 2 items, a lace effect peter pan collared dress, and a pair of plum jeggings.

We also went into New Look, and I'm not even joking when I say this, but we descended upon the Inspire sale section like a pack of rabid wolves!
Anyone who was near us must have been frightened at the sight of 8 fats plunging into the sales rack!

That being said though, it was an AMAZING selection of clothing they had in the sale.
I picked up 3 items here, a dress I'd seen Laura wear, and LUSTED over for about 3 months, a jumper, and a gorgeous purple maxi.

The rest of a day went by pretty quick after that, we were all getting a bit tired and hungry, so we went in search of pub/foody, and settled on a table table joint.

The food was decent, and reasonably priced.
But the best part... the fries came in a massive mug... how awesome!

Here are some more pictures of the day from Laura.

After getting a make over from Helen E.

Beth and Steph taking a WELL deserved break.

And a peak at the days taking, plus my Very dress and a dress Rachel gave me, thank you lady <3

Simply Be / Very / New Look

New Look / Evans / Evans

Asos / New Look / Yours

And one final picture of some of us before we went out separate ways.

I had such a wonderful day.
It was ace meeting Becky in real life, and seeing Beth and Steph again.

And it's always a pleasure seeing the South Yorkshire babes too!

I gotta say, I am truly thankful for this lovely group of ladies which I call friends!

Hopefully there will be MANY more of these kind of days in the future. And HAVE fun ladies who are off to Leeds this weekend for the swap!

To conclude this 2 parter, I believe this fantastic day out has kick started one of my goals for the year, which was to spend more time with friends.


  1. I had a lovely time I really enjoyed it and love spending time with you all xx

  2. Looks like you had a fab time, I am really jealous, I wish I had like minded friends to go shopping with.


  3. Hey big fat baby,I always look for good deals,awesome! I saw something just like this when I was in an social deals last month interesting.


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