Rad Fats go Shopping Trip #1 part 1

This is going to be a 2 parter for sure!
I honestly cant have asked for a better way to spend a weekend than going shopping with a bunch of fat babes!
So when Rebecca said she wanted to arrange a fat shopping trip, I was in there like a shot!
I have been waiting for this weekend(just gone) to come round for almost a month now, and boy was it a fun day out!
I wasn't expecting a big turn out as it was soon after Christmas and most people were back at work, and paying off the over indulgence of Christmas, but in the end, there was a whopping 8 of us all together!
We were like a fat gang, it was awesome!
This is what I wore...
Old Primark Dress, Asda Leggings, Primark Cardigan & Pumps and New Look Inspire Biker Jacket
The day started with meeting Laura and Lisa at the train station, and hopping on our train towards Doncaster.
I was classy, and did my nails whilst awaiting their arrival.
Good ol Primark supplied the sparkle for the day.

Rebecca got on at Meadowhall and we had many giggles whilst on the way to Doncaster station.
People seemed to be staring at this group of HAPPY fat women, laughing and having a good time, in public! *gasp* How dare we?!!

We got to Donny station and waited for the other to arrive, soon the pack was together, Rachel, Becky, Rebs, Steph, Laura, Beth, Lisa and I  were off to French Gate Shopping Centre, which was conveniently connected to the station.

First shop we popped into was Simply Be. Pretty much everyone walked out of the shop with an item.
The dressing rooms are lovely, mirrored changing rooms, with these cute chalk board name plaques on them. Very nice touch indeed. 

I oogled a clutch bag which had the trendy ring claps that's been going round recently, and it fit my fat sausage fingers like a charm, too bad it wasn't in the sale!

We all showed off our picks, one by one, with plenty of ooooh's and aaaah's to be heard, I only managed to get a picture of Beth's outfit she put together, and I am indeed very jealous! This shirt is GORGEOUS!

I tried on a few items, a leather jacket, which lets face it, I NEED plenty more of, but sadly it wasn't a match for me.
I tried on a dress from the sale, and a sheer top, as well as a jumper which I thought was awesome till I realised it had slits in the arms.

I walked out with a dress, as seen above, and a pair of awesome HUGE knickers, only spent £25, and Rebecca got a set of knickers free since I purchased 2 sale items and the third was free, so she got in on that free action with my purchase. Hey, I'm all about free stuff, be it for me, or someone else!

I haven't been into any Simply Be stores before, so I didn't know what to expect from the staff, but they were so lovely, and so well presented. Even the older gal looked so trendy, wearing a dress from their store! They were smiley and on hand to help with anything! Makes a change from the usual disgruntled employee spiel most store have.

Next we went into Lush, where a few ladies purchased some smellies, I didn't really want much from there, I already have such a huge collection of Lush, plus nothing inspired me.

I did try out some of their new cosmetic ranges, but nothing drew me in enough to buy. Still pretty to look at though.

We also went into Debenhams and had a peak around. 
A lovely girl came up to us and asked if anyone wanted a free make over, and well what do you know, I agreed!

The company she worked for is called Helen É.
It's a natural looking kinda make up that they provide, and at pretty decent prices.
The Skin Smoother she used was a "one size fits all" colour, and I gotta admit, it was really nice, fragrance free and soft. I got a set fro £20.00 which included the Skin Smoother, Eyeliner, Double sided Mascara, Lip Pencil and a Concealer stick, and came in a nice, very understated leather bag. And because I spent £20.00 I got a free item, I decided to get a blush.

I think I will probably do a review of this company soon because I'm pretty sure they are going to start making their way into more high street stores, and they're quite affordable considering how expensive the products feel!

We then went to Evans and I gotta say ... POOR show Evans staff! Usually the Evans ladies are helpful and friendly, but these lot were grumpy, and huddled in a pack behind the counters, just looking at us.
I did try a few items on, and actually bought 2 items there.

I was on the look for this kinda dress, the see through sleeves with cuffs, and a nice neck line detail, and this one looked good. I tried a 26 and kinda felt swamped in it, it was HUGE! So I tried a 24, and it wasn't really much better, it did cling to the belly, but I think it's far too long!
Plus, at £35 I dont think it was much of a sale anyway!

But like I said, didnt come out of it empty handed, I did pick up 2 AWESOME sheer tops!

Specially love this last one!

I think that's where I will leave it for now. I'll post part two sometime in the week.



  1. Very envious of your shopping trip, would love to go into a simply be shop at some point.

    Love the tops you got in Evans, I also agree thought that there sale price are not very sale like!!


    1. I spent £35.00 on these 2 shirts alone, thats pricey, for my taste, but hey ho. Would love to have to come shopping sometime!

  2. Simply Be staff are always so nice and friendly! Makes the whole shopping experience so enjoyable :)



  3. Had a fab time chick :) need to do it again when they have summer sales xx

  4. Love those sheer tops and the pretty ditsy floral dress. Looks like an awesome day. Sad people stared on the train but I'm glad you were all there fatting the place up in style! xx

  5. Sounds like a great shopping day! I love the shirt with the lace from Simply Be (looks amazing!) I've never been to one of their stores yet, no idea where my nearest one even is! Oh, and I really love the leggings you're wearing xx

  6. your all looks are cool but i personally like leather jacket out fit mens fitted leather jackets


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