Fat babes in Bikini's

I have noticed lots of babes on tumblr being awesome in bikinis/swim suits!
And since I am going on holiday in less than 2 months, I have been looking for bikini's to buy for said holiday!

I already have one bikini, just a simple black string bikini, but I want a cute one.
And so begun the tumblr search...  look at the lovely humans, representing the fat bodies!
They all look fab!

one / two / three / four / five 


The bottoms are from Next, and the top is from Asda. It's a bit old, so both pieces are stretched and worn.
But they still do the job well enough.
I just want an adorable nautical style bikini. Or an animal print, or polka dot or striped or .... ANY! 

Gratuitous crotch shot... and I don't care!

I have been trolling the internet over the past 3 weeks or so and the pickings are quite slim I gotta say!
However, I particularly love these three bikinis, all available in my size.

This nautical one from Asos Curve, both pieces together cost £26.00.

The more high end, costy one from Monif C a pricey £55.00.

And finally this cute minty green blue piece from Domino Dollhouse costing a mere £26.00.

Whilst I'd love the Monif C one, realistically it would end up costing about £100+ for the item itself, shipping and customs, and the Domino Dollhouse would cost about £75.00 for both shipping and customs too... so Im thinking its going to be good ol Asos, and trawling Asda, Tesco and such for a simple block colour triangle bikini which isnt going to be see through, like my current one is getting.

Where do you lovely ladies buy swim wear, and who is braving the holiday season with a bikini rather than one piece?



  1. I love that Monif C one is is beautiful. Shame there is nothing like that here in the UK. US postage charges suck!!

    Happy hunting

  2. All the ladies look amazing and you look awesome in yours! hope you can find another before you go that is rockin! x

  3. I'm not a bikini fan at all; this is nothing to do with size whatsoever, but personally, on myself, not a fan because I'm a swimmer and they just aren't practical. I'd rather have a simple swimsuit and not worry about things coming undone/falling off! Yourself and these ladies all look awesome though xx

  4. The Monif C one is fab, but so is the ASOS one. Loving the gratuitous crotch shot photo, sexy lady! If you could bottle your confidence I'd buy it in litres. You're such an inspiration! xx

  5. I love the first bikini in the pics from tumblr and that monif c bikini is to die for!!! Xx

  6. Anonymous11/1/13

    hey, just one thing! the blog for the fifth person specifically states "don't call me girl, lady, woman, womyn, miss, etc. i'll happily respond to mx, mxter, captain, boy, queen and rockstar.", so it seems like maybe they wouldn't appreciate being referred to as one of the 'ladies' here!

  7. I am a 40 year old curvy girl, always been curvy, and I have never ever worn a bikini (have done tankinis though) and have always maintained fat bellies should be covered.

    Thank you for smacking me firmly around the head. These women all look bloody fantastic as do you, and I am going to look for a bikini. I like the Asos one, but it's too nautical looking for me, if I am going to get wet, I want sexy!

    Thank you so much for changing my perception.

  8. Anonymous20/3/13

    Big women are beautiful and sexy, especially in a bikini like the first 3 photos

  9. I'm in love... with you and your braveness!! You are such a beautiful girl. Can't wait to meet you. :) xx


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