Lady Date with Lolly

Oh my, how very disappointing!
I had a post all typed out, scheduled and ready to post just now, and I accidentally deleted it :/
However, I shall plod on and re write it.

Laura and I met at Primark, as we usually do, and hopped on a tram to Meadowhall.
We went to alot of stores, and I got a lot of stuff, which really I didn't need. 
Laura is a shopping enabler, that's my excuse!
We went into Debenhams as I had previously seen some gorgeous bikini's in my size and wanted to try them on.
I did try on one in the range, but ended up buying an item from the sale! Thanks Laura for spotting a 40G bikini top!
I absolutely adore it!

I also picked up a skirted bikini bottom from Debenhams in the sales too.
I didn't originally set out to get a skirted bottom, but when I tried it on, it looked so cute, and I knew I had to have it!
I also picked up a halter bikini top from BHS in a size 22, which I gotta admit, I'm INLOVE with!
All 3 bikini items together cost £41.00 which to me is a deal since I was going to pay that kinda price for the ASOS bikini I wanted, anyway.

We went into River Island at one point, and I was drawn to the shoes. 
They had some awesome trainers on the shelf, and when I have £50 to spare for one set of trainers, Id love to buy either one of these trainers!
Studds, and glitter, could you go wrong?? 

We somehoe managed to find ourselves inside Republic and I was kinda impressed that they had a lil vintage shop thing going on, till I saw the not so vintage prices!! £22.00 for a friggin crop top with no sleeves? What the F?
BUT, the mannequins were pretty sweet!

As always, we went into Primark for our usual hour and a bit of browsing.
I didn't leave with much from there to be honest, a bit disappointing.
But I did manage to snag 2 very radical body suits, which look babely!

As well as a pair of cute lil brogues. I think I've worn these every day since I got them!

I did get a few more essential items from Primark, but nothing noteworthy.

We did venture into Evans and Yours, but neither store was very inspiring.
Specially Yours, a lot of the sale items were really frumpy, and still quite highly priced.

Such is life.

We went into New Look and searched round for the Inspire section, of course it had moved again from where it was last time, and the time before that. But eventually we found it.

Again, there wasn't much in the way of inspiration here either. Laura and I usually end up with about 6 items each in our changing room, and end up swapping some dresses.
But not this time.

I was almost about to call it quits when I saw something sparkling in my direction and picked up an awesome floor length, gold sequin and mesh/sheer material'd dress!

I wasn't sure about it at first, but thought I had to give it a try.
I shouted for Laura to come look at it, because OH MY HOLY EFFING LARRY. This dress is by far the most radical dress Ive ever owned!

Its shiny, meshy, shoulder paddedly, and just so frigging amazing!
AND it was on sale for £15!
It would have been rude to not purchase it!

How fecking awesome is it right!?

I intend on teaming this with one of the 2 gold belt's I have, and a pair of sandals. It kinda feels dress, but I'm definitely going to "lisa" it down to a casual look.

We did get some delicious noms in our belly too, and had many a giggle whilst doing so! I love my lady dates with all the rad babes, and Im so glad to have them in my life!

I'd definitely say that this has been a great start to the years Goals

We finally parted ways at the train station, and I decided to reward myself with a lush Mango and Passionfruit Frapp!



  1. The dress is amazing and still cant quite understand how it was only £15!!! It was meant to be yours and your body! So glad we got a lady day :) looking forward to many more this year!!! :) x

  2. Love the dress and the grandpa shoes :) omg those trainers are awful I can only just handle a std trainer these are way too much lol but I could so see you in them xx

    1. Lol theyre not granpa shoes, theyre awesome brogues!
      I would love either pair of these trainers for sure!

  3. Sounds like a fab shopping day! The dress is lovely. There can never be too much glitz and glitter in life! xx

    1. EXACTLY! I agree 100% on that comment!

  4. sounds like an awesome day, i love the NL dress and what a bargain x

    1. I know right, and was an online exclusive only, someone bought it back into store, so lucky me!


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