Coral & Dark Floral

Rachel kindly gifted me this dress recently. 
And I LOVE it! It's definitely a "LISA" dress.

I've not worn it that much because it HAS been colder recently, and I kinda feel like this is more of a summery dress. But it was a decent day, and to be honest, I wanted to feel cute and summery, so I decided it needed an appearance!
Also, I have been saving this for my holiday in 3 weeks time.

What I Wore:
Dress - ASOS
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - Primark
Pumps - Primark

Necklace is an old Primark pendant re used.
Hair bow is from an old alice band which broke, re used on a crocodile clip.
(thanks to laura for inspiring me to re use and make my own hair bows)

I love this dress even more because it has pockets in, and Rachel knows I love a pocketed dress!
Plus it was free, this is what I love about our little group of ladies, and the plus community, theyre so happy to swap and gift things they dont wear!

Thank you Rachel =D



  1. i looks lovely on you I'm glad you liked it a little bit of the swap even though you weren't there :) xx

    1. I love a swap! Thank you so much lady!

  2. you look lovely! :) love the dress! xx

  3. Very pretty! Love the cardi and the flowers. One of my fave looks on you! Love the accessories too. xx


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