Socks & Brogues

I honestly do not know WHY I bought these socks, but I did on a whim in Primark recently, they were 50p so I couldn't say no... and Im so glad I did!

7am face ^_^ ... My eye's look tired!
Hair bow from Poundland.

What I Wore:Dress - Yours Clothing
Belt - Primark
Socks - Primark
Brogues - Primark

They look AWESOME in this outfit, infact I think they MAKE the outfit!

Just look at how cute these socks look! EEEK Im inlove!

I have been really loving peter pan collar necks recently, but never really found any which I loved.
I tend to prefer lower cut dresses/tops, and a lot of the peter pan collor'd items I have seen are high on the neck, so I haven't been all too inspired. But I saw this number in Yours in doncaster recently, and couldn't go home without it.



  1. Super cute outfit I love the collar xx

  2. Its so cute isnt it! It has made me fall inlove with collars now!


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