Cape Town: Day One

Well I've been back on Yorkshire soil for some time now, and I thought it was time to share a little bit of my home with you all.

So bare with me on this one, I don't wanna vomit all these pictures out at you guys in one post, so I'm going to do it day by day.
We kinda go into day two really, but Im counting that as the first actual day of my holiday as day one was pretty much ALL travelling. We left home at 3am on Sunday 24th Feb and got the 5am flight to Schiphol, Amsterdam, and had like 45 minute lay over so didn't get to explore much, just straight onto our next boarding gate, which was like 5 years away from our arrivals gate :/
We then flew direct to Cape Town which was roughly 11 hours flying time, but with time differences it seemed to be only  9 hours.

^^ This is a tired looking me at 4.30am at Manchester airport.
To travel I wore simple clothes that weren't going to be restrictive.

Leggings - Primark
Boob Tube dress - New Look Inspire
Studded Sheer Shirt - Evans
Granny Cardi - Evans via Fat Swap
Biker Jacket - New Look
Studded Pumps - Primark

All the customs, bag collections and passport stamping aside, we got out into the arrivals lounge at about 10pm, where my boy Gavin, my brother Ian, sister-in-law Kate and baby Ella Rose were waiting for us.

So onto the first actual day spent in Cape Town...

We decided to use this as a "family" day and just visit everyone we could straight away.
I needed to get my phone topped up with some South African air time, and get some BB Internet Service as well. So Gavin and I popped down to Canal Walk to do this, and to do some general browsing and shopping.

I knew I wanted to wear something short, and floaty, so this was deffinitely a good choice.
Daisy Hi/Lo Dress - Excite Clothing
Leggings - Marks & Spencers
Denim Gillet - New Look Inspire
Belt - Primark
Pumps - Primark

I wore very little on my face because of the heat.
2true concealer stick//Natual Collection Blush//Collection 2000 Eyeliner//MUA Undressed Palett//MUA Mascara

We went to WIMPY for breakfast before the long day.

In SA, Wimpy is a sit down kinda place, not a take away like it is here.

We strolled around Canal Walk for quite some time, and bought a few things we needed like sun tan lotion, blush(mine shattered), drinks for the house, lip balm etc.
I think we spent a good 3 hours there atleast!

View of Table Mountain from Pinelands.
Then we went through to Pinelands, where I spent almost ALL my childhood, and we went to the Spur for lunch to see my brother, sister-in-law and Ella, my mom and dad too, before trekking to see my Granny.

We went to visit my Granny and Brian (he is her 4th husband, so I dunno what we technically should call him, but we know him as Uncle Brian).
This was very eventful! My granny's whole flat could fit into my lounge all in one, and have space for more! It's tiny. So having 7 of us, plus her and Brian... it's alot of people! But she loved it! 
We had been waiting a while in the parking lot at my Granny's complex so we got out the car and did silly things, as below.

Gavin playing silly buggers in the parking lot.
Looking swish.
Kate, Ella Rose & Ian.

We then went to Constantia Village Shopping Mall for Ice Cream. But sadly the ice cream store had gone, so my parents, brother, Kate and Ella went and did a bit of shopping, and Gavin and I went for a smoothie at Kauai, which is famous for its fresh smoothies and fresh wraps. I had a mango something smoothie, it was lovely.

After that lovely afternoon, we made our way back to the guest house for an afternoon swim, then nap.
The pool was such a welcome to the afternoon heat.

We met my Uncle & Aunt in the evening for some foodage before they went back to Durban. Gavin and I both had salad, and oh my lord, how glorious they were. I had Smoked chicken, feta and bacon salad and Gavin had a Bacon and egg salad. Both were so lovely!

After that my parents went back to the guest house, and Gavin and I decided to go to Cubana for a few drinks.

Cocktails & Shisha.
This place made the best cocktails I have ever had. Like ever!
Anyway, that's pretty much the first day of my holiday, it was a lovely start to the week, but VERY hot!



  1. Those cocktails are HUGE! Looks like a great time and Gavin's a hottie :) I had no idea they have Wimpy in SA! x x

    1. They have a lot of things there which people think they don't cos its a 3rd world country.


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