Black Tie Dye Body Con & Pink Brows

I bought this dress yonks ago with Laura and Rachel on one of our Lady Dates, and have worn it a few times, as a skirt to work.
I have been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear the dress on it's own (or with trusty gillet), and not have to cover up with a cardigan.

So I'm happy to say it's warm enough now for me to get the hairy pins out and don this gorgeous body con, visible belly and all!
(I have come to love having this belly outline showing in tight fitting clothing, something Laura really made me love with this post of hers)

What I Wore:
Dress - New Look Inspire (uk26)
Denim Gillet - New Look Inspire (uk26)
Trainers - Primark

Bag - T K Maxx

On my face I just have MUA Blush, Eyeliner & Mascara & MUA Lip Boom on ze lips. I used NYC colours eyeshadow pallet from a Beauty swap with someone in USA. I set my brows with some hair styling product and gave em a good spray of hairspray.
Still being inspired by  Leah & Betty with their Bangin Brows posts, today Im channelling Betty's Brows.

I so wish you could see the extent my  hairyness on my legs, I have cultivated a forest worth of hair. It's sexual!

 Ring is from Primark many moons ago, they were on sale for £1 so I bought 3.
Cat ears from Sassy Diva in South Africa, you can get similar ones here and here
And now time to get ready for work.


  1. Love it all! Happy I inspired you :D x

  2. Love that dress, officially going on the NEED IT!! list xx

  3. This is amazing Philbinator! x

  4. Love this dress on you and your brows rock xx

  5. Looking amazing Lisa! The pink really suits you. x x


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