Floral, Denim & Minty Joy

A spring type outfit for my day off, trying to make summer happen!

Dress - From Laura
Belt - Peacocks
Denim Gilet - Clothing Swap
Trainers - Primark

I have become a little bit obsessed by these mint trainers!
Hopefully I can find another air of as awesomely coloured trainers today on my lady date with Laura and Rachel.

Matching nails to my trainers... although no glitter on the trainers. Which would be AMAZING if they did have! OMG.

Still rocking this double finger ring from Primark for a quid.

My bow is also from Primark (kids section) and is minty green too =D
And that's all she said...
Time to get myself dressed and presentable for a lady date!



  1. Looking good! The dress is lovely xx

  2. Great outfit! I love the shoes.


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