Lush Haul

Yesturday I had a lovely day off and went on 2 lady dates.
I went to Leeds with an old friend Jo and we had a good ol girly day out, shopping and giggling and eating desserts.

We ventured into Lush and were greeted by Amy.
My god, she was crazy! I know the lush girls and boys tend to be a bit crazy and excitable, but this girl was a new breed of Lush crazy all together!
She was so sweet though, testing A LOT of bombs, soaps, make up and such.

I got Whoosh Shower Jelly, The Carrot Bubble Bar, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and Each Peach (and Two's a Pear) Massage Bar.
The Carrot, Stepping Stone, Each Peach

I was on a bit of a Citrus high, so I bought pretty much all citrus items.

And I can never leave Lush without getting a charity pot of hand lotion. I find the pots so useful once they're finished.

I will review each item individually when I've had a chance to use them.



  1. I can't wait to see your reviews. I love Lush stuff but sadly it doesn't like me xxx

  2. Ooh I love Lush things. I've used the foot scrub before and it's brilliant. I always find Lush staff so friendly and fun, so it's always pleasant to shop with them xx


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