Date with my Dad - #31daysofmay

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I went to the Sheffield Continental Market on Fargate with my dad.
My mom is usually working over time, so my dad and I "bond" on a Saturday.

We went to town and had breakfast at Marmadukes, which is on Norfolk Row, just off Fargate. It's probably my favorite place to eat in Sheffield, it's so rustic and the atmosphere is great. Specially the polar bear (Marmaduke) head on the wall, and the painted version of Marmaduke on a bicycle on the wall.
The feel of the place is just awesome. It's always so busy, plus they serve free refillable Yorkshire Tea!

The food is even more amazing!

I had the Scotch Pancakes with Bacon, and my dad had Eggs Florentine.
I'd never had scotch pancakes before, so I didn't know what to expect, and my god, was I surprised. They were HUGE, and delicious!
And they have my favourite juice brand, Firefly.
I opted for a new flavour, Pomegranate & Elderflower. So refreshing! 

After our breakfast we went to the market which had all kindsa stalls. Mainly food stalls, from around Europe, hence the name Continental Market.
This stall made fresh fruit smoothies, they were lush!

Dad looking at the chutneys & cheese's.

I really wanted some Churros from this Dutch stall, but the queue was SO long :(
Gorgeous Norwegian scarves.

This Greek stall was my fave! The guy was selling all kinds of Greek breads, rolls, donuts and cakes. And my weakness, focaccia! Oh lord, I'd have bought everything there if I could. 


It was such a lovely day, my Dad and I love going to markets!
We ended our afternoon with a Bratwurst from the German BBQ stall.



  1. You make me feel so lame that I live in the United States.
    All that fresh food makes my tummy feel like its missing out.
    Cute "date" with your Dad


  2. This looks great! When is the next one? I want to go! :)


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