Lush Carrot Bubble Bar - #31daysofmay

So I recently posted about some Lush goodies I got on a lady date with an old friend.

I was very excited to try The Carrot bubble bar, so I drew myself a bath and started to use the bar just like the girl in Lush said, first I held the bar under a running tap, and then swished it around in the bath and waited for the bubbles.

I gotta admit, when I first used it, I thought I had purchased a bit of a con product because there were no bubbles, but then ... BUBBLES!!! 

As you can see, it turns the water orange, and it has a lovely sweet fruity smell.
I have used this about 5 times and it's still going. 

Honestly, these bubbles are amazing! There are just so many, from such a small amount of the bar being used. Why doesn't everyone make these?? Foam bath should become superfluous and we should ALL use bubble bars!

The great thing about this is that its made up of almost all natural ingredients!
Out of the 15 or 16 ingredients, about 4 of them are safe synthetics. Which mainly make up the colour and scent of it.
So it's good for your body!


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