Primark Finds - #31daysofmay

Ok I know, I missed 3 days of Mays blogging, BUT I have and STILL am ill!
Hacking up stuff I wasn't even sure existed in the human body, and it's been so moggy as of late that outfit posts have been put on hold for the time being.

This morning...
(yesterday morning since its now 00.23 and this is being scheduled for later on today)
I got soaked by a ruddy bus, it splashed up mud and water onto my leggings, so as soon as I got into town, I popped into Primark for a pair of leggings, and wouldn't you know it, I sniffed out a sales rail!

I picked up some goodies which came to under £18.00 including 3 pairsa leggings which cost £10 in total.
£8 quid for 7 items isn't bad at all!

The Boom/Bang necklaces were friggin 50p each!!

This hair slide was 50p too because one "gem" is missing.
(typical Primark) 

I also took the plunge and got one of those aztec'esque type disc necklaces.
I kinda like it. I can see it going well with buttoned up shirts. Specially my denim shirt!

I picked up a bracelet too which has a few charms on it.

I spotted this bag, which when I tried the straps for length, I decided I have to have!
A girl can never have enough tan bags ok!
I added the skull keyring, which is from .... dun dun duuuuun, Primark too.

Its a good job I needed to get to work, otherwise Id have spent hours foraging for sales and bargains!

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  1. Loving the necklaces, bag and key ring. I love skulls! x x

  2. Loving all of your purchases!! Especially the aztec necklace!! I want it! lol :)


  3. Live that necklace! I need it!! Such good bargains! I always get lost in primark for hours with bargains :) xxx


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