Micro Beads & Ultraviolet NOTD

So last weekend I stopped over at a friends place, and she had a clear out.
And I did too, and by that I mean I took everything!
In said clear out was A LOT of nail varnish.
AND micro beads.

Namey George's BEADilicious.

I wasn't all too sold on these, but I tried the ones from Asda, and well, I LOVE them!

I did a base coat with a clear varnish, then did a second coat of clear, and when it was still wet, I poured the beads over my nails, left the varnish to dry, and then did a top coat of clear to set the beads in place.

The other nails are painted with an Asda varnish too, called Ultraviolet.
The beads are awesome.
I've had them on for about 3 hours and they've not budged.
And I've made lunch for work tomorrow, had some food and typed this post out, and still no sign of moving... so we shall see how they hold up during the night and tomorrow at work.

Can't wait to try the black beads next.
I reckon they'd look nice on longer nails, as a nail tip!

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