Birthday Weekend Happiness

So I turned 26.
And this is how I celebrated it!


It was super warm, so I decided to rock the head scarf to keep my hair off my face and neck.
Glasses are from Rach.

What I Wore:Dress (skirt as dress) - Primark
Belt - Clothing Swap
Denim Gilet - New Look
Trainers - Primark (VERY OLD)
Headscarf - Clothing Swap

(waiting for the train)

On my nails are two varnishes I got from the clothing swap too.
 (nearly in Sheffield)
 I got myself a delicious fresh Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher.

So the afternoon was spent monging with Rach and watching trashy tv.
She gave me 2 necklaces which are awesome! And we made lipstick.

(on the way to Rebs')

Then we made our way to Rebs' place after stocking up on some alcohol and getting friggin ID'd in Morrisons, bitch didnt even wish me happy birthday!

We pretty much started the drinking as soon as we got there, Leah and her man piece arrived shortly after.
Him and Rebs' man piece soon left and went to a gig in town and almost as soon as they had left, we started getting naked! ha.

 Leah licking the flesh lamp, its a tradition when you come to Rebs'! PROMISE!
 Rach and I being babes whilst waiting for chinese.

I don't think Dodworth was ready for the four of us... as demonstrated by Rach!

We got some chinese and more alcohol and when we got back, it all went terribly terribly AWESOMELY drunk!
The drinking games began!

All in all the night was full of laughs, discussing our fave Rad Fat babes, complaining about certain other not so rad fats, more laughs, hugs and boob touching.
Pretty much an average party at Rebs'!

(On the way to the gardens)
The next morning I went back with Rach and her man piece, we got well deserved MacD's, then made our way to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens where we later met Leah and her man piece, Rebs, Bettie and Jen.

Badges from Bettie and Leah (funkimunki badges)
 Thanks Rach for taking this babely pic at the gardens.
Then I went for a coffee whilst I waited for my parents to pick me up.
 We went to a South American Steakhouse in Broomhill called La Vaca.


 I went out in town with a man friend, I took him to The Rutland for lunch, which was gorgeous!
 And we went to the Winter Gardens and Millenium Galleries.
 Then went to Leeds where more debauchery and muffins was had.
 Just showing my babelyness for you all!


  Home time.

 It was such an incredible 4 days off celebrating my birthday!
Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate 26 years alive without contracting any diseases and dying.
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  1. Your birthday was so much fun ! Xx

  2. You are awesome and I love the term 'man piece'! I licked the lamp! Xx

  3. You are awesome and I love the term 'man piece'! I licked the lamp! Xx

  4. Lacey30/7/13

    This blog is all sorts of wrong. There's nothing sexy or nice about seeing a birds-eye view of the boobs of several obese chicks in a circle.

    Hope you're looking forward to type 2 diabetes later. And you're only 26, lose some weight, for your health now and later down the track.

    1. Oh hey Lacey, firstly, nice name!

      Secondly, thanks for you comment on how you do not like my blog and how you feel it is wrong. I appreciate your feedback because this blog is solely for you! I don't do my blog for anyone else except for you, I only write these posts in hope that you and only you Lacey will look at them and comment about how much you love me. But I clearly failed.

      Thirdly about my health, thanks for being concerned. This actually shows that you care. Which I thought you didn't. Maybe you could take me to the clinic to get my obese body tested fr type 2 diabetes please? I really need a friend like you right now!

      And finally, thanks for commenting on this post and for coming to my blog, I love when people create traffic to my blog and comment because it means you're improving my stats. So even though you have tried to hurt me (which you clearly haven't) you have upped my blog stats! Thanks Lacey sweetie. You're a doll!


I enjoy your feedback or comments :)