Fat Babes in Jeans - FATshion Challange

Recently in a lil fat trip out for Becky's bday we went into Evans and Rach and I clearly adored the jeans there.
We both got a pair, I went for the light denim, she went for dark.
These bad boys went for £19.99 each, I got a UK 26.
(please excuse the pic quality, my camera has died)
What I Wore:
Jeans - Evans
Top - Evans
Pumps - Asda
Belt - New Look

Necklace is from Primark, and the Scarf is from a Clothes Swap.

I wore my blue pumps from Asda via the Clothes Swap. 
But I feel like I could totally get away with trainers too!

I love these so much. Its very rare that I find jeans which I like, and being short also hinders me from buying them because I'm not normal human size so the legs are ALWAYS far too long on me. But these fit just right!
And heres my face too!

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  1. Love it :) your looking fab these jeans are like the comfiest ever! Xx

  2. Love this outfit! :) You look lovely :) think I need to invest in a pair of these jeans! :) xx

  3. Anonymous5/7/13

    I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm glad i did.
    At first I thought "Why?" This isn't for overweight people. and why on earth would someone expose themselves for cyber bullying voluntarily?
    And I was so so so wrong. As I clicked through your your pages I liked so many of your outfits. It was diffrent to see them on somebody who doesn't look like a walking skeleton, but it didn't make the outfits less pretty. Rather prettier! And all the comments I've seen are just love.
    Damn girl, what an example you are for all those insecure teenagers looking up to the magazine-skinny girls and think that's what all women should look like. Fashion is for everyone, and every body is beautiful. I mean, hell, I could kill for just a quarter of those tits!(naturally, no plastic surgery)
    I'm not sure where I'm headed anymore with this comment anymore, but I just wanted to say that I think you look amazing, and are the kind of role model I would like to see more of.

  4. BABE BABE BABE. I just adore you. x

  5. Love the outfit very vintage lookiing


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