Simply Be Ruby Rocks - OOTD

I bought this Ruby Rocks dress from Simply Be with the intention to wear it at Plus North, but when I got the dress I wasn't too sure on it.

I feel like the cut of the dress wasn't very comfortable to sit in. It's quite tight, and because its not a stretchy material, or empire line type cut, the material would rise round my tummy when sitting down and get stuck so when I stood up, it revealed A LOT  With that in mind, and the fact that I would probably be doing a lot of sitting, standing, walking about, sitting again, moving about, sitting again, etc, I decided the other dress was better for the event.

BUT having now had a chance to wear it in, it feels like it fits better'ish.
Rocking the VBO, no fucks given!

 What I Wore:
Dress - Simply Be
Belt - Primark
Pumps - Simply Be
Head scarf - Anna Scholz
Necklace - Thrifted


On my lips I wore Asda DELUXE lipstick in #5 - Silent Movie

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  1. It really suits you! You look fabulous! x


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