Blogmas - Day 14 Secret Santa for Her

Many of us will be getting to that point in the month where we do Secret Santa with our work colleagues, so I thought I would do a little gift guide for Him and Her.
My team decided on a £15/£20 limit, as I was part of organising it, I stipulated that there was to be no chocolates or booze, because that's just too easy, and frankly, a cop out if you ask me.
I have made the list with the ladies in my team in mind, all of which are not terribly girly girls and have good sense of humours.

 So here is my list for people with vaginas and boobs:

1. Lip Shit Lip Balm @ £4.99
Cheeky title aside, these all-natural lip balms are the perfect way to soothe and protect your precious pout. 

2. Sparrow Keychain @ £9.99

Keep your keys safe and sound with the Sparrow Keychain and holder. Not only does this chirpy character provide a handy place to hang your house keys, but it also doubles as a whistle

3. DIY Crown Ring  @ £14.99

If someone won't give you one, then why not build it yourself. Inspired by the Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland, this laser cut acrylic DIY Crown Ring is a chunky way to impress. 

4. Heart Shaped Umbrella

Crafted from lightweight aluminium, and featuring additionalUV coating (for when the sun’s shining) the Heart Shaped Umbrella is perfect for romantic respites from the rain, sneaky snuggles in the shade or just a functional way to commemorate that successful triple-bypass surgery.

5. Colour Me Gosling

From his first star turn as a precocious member of the Mickey Mouse Club, to his current rein as the embodiment of manly perfection, Ryan Thomas Goslingis the world’s most meme-able man. As a romantic lead or a White Satin-wearing getaway driver, he’s a certified star

I particularly LOVE the Ryan Gosling colouring book!!
Do you do Secret Santa? Have you got a guy or a doll for yours?
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