Blogmas - Day 15 Secret Santa for Him

As per yesterday's blog post on Secret Santa, here is my manly gift guide.

Again, no booze, no chocolates rule still applies, and the £15/£20 limit also applies here.

This list has been made with the guys in my team in mind.

 So here is my list for people with winkys and beards:

1. Condiment Gun @ £15.99 

Fire some flavour on your food with this powerful, oversized sauce-shooter. Showdown at the HP corral or chilli sauce at high noon, it's all gravy. 

2. Creepy Creature Cup @ £14.99

Whether you’re uncovering a human Skull, stumbling on aSpider, diving for an Octopus or a random T-Rex turns up, these mugs will turn your tea-break into an unexpected adventure. 

3. Bottle Opener Phone Case @ £14.99

This sleek and stylish case combines two of our favourite things: drinking and protecting our iPhones. With its recessed stainless steel bottle opener and shock-absorbing, reinforced back, you get plenty of leverage without risking your iPhone. 

4. Aim For The Head Zombie Poetry @ £10.99

Great art is often inspired by humanity's worst fears. It feeds on our strongest emotions and demands expression. 

5. Star Wars Talking Alarm Clock @ 10.99
In a galaxy far, far away… Punctuality matters. 

I'm not gonna lie, Id probably love all these things for myself!
Did you do Secret Santa? What did you get?

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  1. I LOVE the condiment gun, that is brilliant!
    My friend had a series of mugs with animals inside, the first time I drank my tea and found a pig at the bottom I nearly shit myself.

  2. These are all really cool! Well done you. x

  3. I love those creepy mugs!


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