Love EVERY Body Part 2

This is the second installment of Leah's Love EVERY Body Workshop.

The first part is here.

This months post is about what we like/dislike above the neck.
Well I know Im gonna come across as a cocky bitch, and I don't mind that, but I LOVE my face!
There is very little I don't like about it, I even love my grey hair!


 I suppose I should start somewhere...
For most of my life I have liked my eyes the most on my face. They are a pretty greeny blue, with a dark blue outer ring which I have found out is called a Limbal Ring, which apparently shows youthfulness, and is considered attractive. And sometimes I get that gorgeous sunflower effect too.

I love the dark ring around my iris.

My eyes are usually a green/blue colour, sometimes the go a bit grey and sometimes more green, but they're pretty and I always get compliments on them.

 And whilst we are on the subject of eyes, I also adore my beautyspots/freckles I have a freckle/spot under each eye. 
I have had em all my life and as I've got older, they have faded a tiny bit, but they're still noticeable.
And my eyebrows I also really like. I used to have a love/hate relationship with these sluggers, but now I have come to love the caterpillar brows, even to the point of drawing them in more and making them very much more prominent on my face.  I've never actually plucked them myself, and I have only ever once had them waxed. Which was ok, but now I just like them bold and fat.
Like me :)
There really are so many things I love about my face and head.
Too many to list really, but as one I'd like to end on,  I'd like to pay homage to my ever so understanding hair!

I have treated it so badly over the years, I haven't had my natural colour for nearly 15 years. My hair is naturally a goldy brown colour.
6 year old me.

I've had many many many colours in my hair, its been bleached, stripped, redyed, touched up, highlighted, lowlighted etc so many times, more than I'd like to admit.

I went through a phase of just having a colour for 4 weeks, then bleaching it, this happened for a year. My hair was very unhappy with me for that!
I've been ginger, red, black, brown, dark purple, light purple, blonde, green(why), blue and up until recently, pink.

2006 - 2013
Through all the colour changes my hair has remained fairly short, never really grows longer than shoulder length.

I also did that one thing once where I shaved the side... BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE!

I regretted it almost instantly!
But, I worked with it, I did the classic dying the shaved side a different colour for a while. I was so happy when it all grew out!

I think my favorite over the years has to be my growing out pink.
I loved the blonde bits and my roots showing through with this light pink on top, and a darker pink on the bottom!
That's my neck and up workshop entry.
I know I sound cocky, but I LOVE my face! I can't find flaws with it at all!
Not my uneven complexion, not the double chins, or even my massive gapped teeth, they're all perfect really because they're mine! And I'm kinda alright!

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  1. You look super! Your eyes are beautiful. Mine change colour too. I love that they do that. I bet you love that yours do too! Those beauty spots are fantastic. Lovely placement too!

    I don't think you sound cocky at all. You sound confident and I love that you love what you've got going on with your face: it's beautiful and you're amazing! X

  2. You do have the most beautiful eyes and no you don't sound cocky you sound happy and that is amazing xxx

  3. your eyes are stunning, mine change when I'm ill

  4. I love your eyes and your pretty face! I love that you're so positive and I LOVE your selfies on Instagram. There's nothing wrong with loving yourself at all and this challenge is all about that so I'm really glad you're taking part. I think you'll inspire people who don't love themselves so much to look at themselves in a new light. Thanks for being you! x x

  5. Not cocky at all! It's empowering and refreshing! You're beautiful, I especially love the photo with the bright blue on your lower lash! :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. You should be cocky about your face! It´s beautiful!!! Your eyes are am-a-zing and I envy so much all the colors of your hair!!! Even with one side shave, it looks great. I always wanted to do it but chickened out.

  7. You really do have such gorgeous eyes, and freckles are always a plus! I wish more people loved theirs. I really love your pink/ orange look in the set of six photos!

  8. You sound like a very confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin. And I love it! Your eyes are absolutely stunning. I wish mine had the ability to change colors. I have deep brown eyes.

  9. Love this post! You radiate confidence and positivity. Your eyes are amazing! I love when people have flecks of other colours and limbal rings, they're fascinating. xx

  10. Wooooow you're gorgeous! Love your selfies... more more more! x

  11. I've been a reader of your blog for a long time. Way before I started blogging myself. I've always thought you had such a pretty face. Your eyes, you know, I'm in love with them!! You look so kind and you look so much fun. Quirky and cool. Looking forward meeting you sometime very very soon, hopefully! xx


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