Recently the lovely Mary posted something on facebook which had Lisa written all over it.
It was a link to AlyBongo's post on Tumblr about a body positive week in 2014. 
I kinda feel like this is a great thing to do, specially with the Love EVERY Body workshop Leah is running monthly.

I had started taking part during the week, but work got ontop of me since I have been doing overtime. 
So I decided to copy some people and just do it in one post.
Here it goes...Probably still gonna be a selfie fest to be honest!

Monday: Post a picture of yourself as you are.

After I had gotten ready for work, I took a quick snap for this post.
This is me then, seconds from running out the door this morning.
This is me later, seconds after removing my make up after coming home from work at 11.30pm.

Tuesday: Post your favourite picture of yourself.

So I trawled my IG, Facebook, Twitter and blog to find my fave pic, and this is the one I love the most.

This picture was taken on 6 December 2013, in the car on the way somewhere. 
I didn't wear much on my face, just had lipstick, and mascara. I love it because it's so simple, but so beautiful. My eyes look super big and my freckles are so clear and my eyebrows are so bold.
I just love how my face looks in this picture!
I only posted this picture to twitter which isnt normal, usual my images get posted on IG.

I LOVE this picture! 

Wednesday: Pot a picture of your least favourite body part

I found it hard to do this one, not because I have a part of my body which gives me grief but because I find it hard to think negatively about my body because I love it that much!
But I guess one thing that could be an issue if I wasn't so "don't give a fuck" about things, could be my belly hang.

Taken by Katie Soze featuring the beautiful Lolly

You can see it in these pics, its not a massive concern of mine, but I guess if I had to pick something this would be it.

Thursday: Take a selfie in Public

This picture was taken on 20th December, at the bar in Vodka Revolution in town, with about 75+ people round me. And I had no shame selfie'ing right thee!

Because I looked cute!

Friday: Post a picture of you in casual wear.

So most of my outfits are casual wear since my job doesn't require smart work clothing. So I guess I'm just gonna pick a random IG pic.

Just a jumper and leggings, what's more casual?

Saturday: Take a picture on your favourite outfit.

This is my fave outfit at the moment, its just cute and I love it!

Sunday: Take a picture when you wake up.

This was my after coffee picture, because I honestly don't have the will power to do anything prior to morning coffee!

Follow the #BodyConfidenceWeek2014 hashtag on twitter and IG to see other beauties this week!
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  1. Beautiful with and without makeup! What a great challenge they have going on. I'm now following them. :) Thanks!

  2. Anonymous16/1/14

    Wow, you're so overconfident!


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