BBC Radio Tees - Having a FAT friend can be such a big bore.

On 14th March, Beth and I were asked to chat on BBC Tees regarding an article in the Daily Mail... THIS article, have a quick read of the article and the listen to the show HERE (about an hour and 50 minutes in) Its available till Friday 21st if you wanna listen.
I was so super nervous that Beth and I were going to be negatively portrayed, but I think we did a great job!
The questions Mike Parr asked were very thought provoking, but in general I think we both showed that weight is NOT important in friendships. And I'm so very happy we agreed on things, kinda kept a bit of continuity throughout with our opinions both coming from fat women!

What are your opinions on the matter??

Here's what I was wearing on Friday.
Just thought Id post a pic so this isnt a completely text filled post, plus Im sure you'all miss my face from time to time eh!
This dress and blazer are both from my Simply Be Sales Haul post.

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