Dancing Queens #3

A few weekends ago Rachel and I went for a day out in Sheffield.
We went to get our ears pierced and have lunch, and go from there.
Car selfie has to be done!

Waiting for Rachel to get pierced!

We popped into the Sheffield Vintage Fair (post about it here) which was lovely, there were so many scarves! I wanted them all!
Then we went to Lloyds and had some cheap Weasel Piss wine and some food and more drinks. 
And here is the piercing, we both got our tragus pierced.
Purple Rain & WooWoo.

We added some lashes (huge lashes) and more lipstick and made our way into West Street for MANY drinks and dances!
Look at the lashes! So big and pretty!!
 Naturally I did an OOTD selfie in West Street Live, the dress and blazer both from New Look (post here)

I love how our drinks are always so colourful!

Yet another selfie, Im not even ashamed!

Rachel's drink matched her MERMAID hair!
And as always we ended up in the Walkabout where we were shouted at for the first time in 4 months of going there, someone shouted some rude names at us, and we showed then that these fat girls don't go down without a fight! ( a verbal fight of course)
Funny thing is, we can lose the weight but those dicks on their heads will always be there!
Gosh we are such cuties!

Looking frightened by the vile toilets. 

I had such a great day/night with my dancing partner! I always do!
We were clearly made for this Rachel!

 Do you go out in Sheffield? Where do you go?

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  1. Looks like you had fun. That toilet would def. scare me! Good luck with the piercing aftercare! :)

  2. We deff are :) I don't even remember you taking that pic of me but it really matches clearly it's the drink for me ! We have to go out again soon for more drinks and dancing xx

  3. I love you two. You rock so much. I wish you could bottle the confidence you both have and send it to me!

  4. Good for you for giving those twats some lip. I hope their genitals fall off. You both look gorge. x x

  5. You are fierce. Well done. Awesome job. I am also plus size. Constant weight issues and now I'm almost 40 and I'm getting to the point where I think love who I am and get it together. Obviously I need plus size tips for the slightly more mature woman but we gals need to band together!

  6. Isn't it the best to share life's moments with you best girlfriend?! Great memories. Love your combine confidence!


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