Simply Be Sales Haul

I've been holding out on buying from Simply Be recently because I wanted to get some items when they went on sale. My wishlist has been CHOCKABLOCK FULL with so many tops and dresses and skirts!
And they've finally gone on sale!
So here's a sales haul for ya, which Im hoping will arrive soon!
Check & Floral Print Skater Skirt - £10.50
I couldn't allow myself to let this lil skirt be homeless! It's positively vile!! And SO PERF! I love it because its so ugly! 
Luxe Bead Trim Blouse - £13.50
Now this blouse, this one I have been eyeing up for a LONG time now! Originally £45.00 down to £13.50, how could I say no? It's a bit weird and quirky, in fact its perfect for my tartan skirt below!

Velour Skater Skirt - £15.00
How could I say no to (faux) velvet? I mean come on! Its a maroon velour skirt... It was pretty much made for me! Im gonna rock this cutie all year long with cute button up tops or crop jumpers, like THIS one.

Pleated Skater Skirt £24.50
Now this one was a wild card and we'll see how it works. I was really on the lookout for some skirts in this Simply Be Sales mission of mine, and this one just seemed the kinda thing a younger more rebellious me would have worn with some grunge'y boots and a black top and leather jacket of some sorts, Im hoping to recreate that younger me in this number, if not a bit more refined. 
Peter Pan Collar Blouse - £18.50
I picked this little number to be worn with skirts mainly, and occasionally under a lower cut jumper.
I wanted the white one, but sadly it was out of stock, but then whilst searching in google for peter pan collar shirts, this one popped up and I snapped it up as quick as I can. I just love the collar!
Project D London Abbey Dress - £19.50

I originally  saw this dress on Rachel and loved it, but at the time I could not afford it, I mean, £65.00 ... thats steep! But after seeing Cass's detailing her recent Simply Be Sales purchases, I knew now was the time to get my grubby paws on this beaut! Specially since it was under £20 quid, can you say BARGAIN or what eh?! So happy!

I did get some full priced items too.

 I picked up a top from the New Modern Lines collection
Im loving alot from this collection, specially the tunic pictured, and the jumpsuit, just wish I had more pennies to spend!

All I can say about this shirts is its see through, it has mesh panels and its cute as fuck!
With just leggings and a pair of loafers and the perfect statement necklace...oh be still my fluttering heart!

So this dress was a difficult choice. It was between two Lovedrobe dresses at full price, either this one or THIS one, but the collar on this dress won me over. The other one is a nice button up number, but this blue one has the collar, and it's kinda fancy schmancy for me. And I like that, its a risk, hope it pays off for £40.00 a dress!

The write up about this blazer talks about its relaxed take on tailoring, shoulder pads, ruched sleeves and princess seams... sorry what? Princess seams? I didn't even know that was a thing till I saw this blazer, and quite frankly, its actual meaning is irrelevant, I just NEED anything that is described with the word Princess!
Plus, I'm trying to do this whole smart thing recently!

And finally, a simple white button up shirt, I had no reason to purchase this other than it looks nice and is semi sheer. I love me some sheer. This just looks relaxed but still quite you know, sophisticated!
Im hoping its a loose fitting so I can wear it with leggings and boots. 

That's my haul! I can't wait for the delivery to try all my goodies on!
Have you made any bargain purchases recently?

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  1. Jeez woman that's quite a haul! When you said you bought quite a lot I didn't think it was this much!! Can't wait to see it all on xx

  2. I can see so many of these looks on you!!!

  3. Such a mahoosive haul! Looking forward to see the outfits :D

  4. That Luxe bead sleeveless blouse has been on my wish list for ages and ages but I couldn't justify the before sale price! Am all over it now though! <3


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