Total Eclipse of my Heart NOTD

A quick NOTD .
I had bought this Rimmel Space Dust a while ago when I was on a mission to find them all, but I actually hadn't used it till just now because I wasn't too sure of the colour, still am not, but I have enhanced it with a topcoat.

I needed a dark colour to cover my natural nails because I have pink stained nails due to my hair, as you can see below.

What I Used:
Gallery Colours Clear Coat
Rimmel Space Dust in colour 005 Total Eclipse
Maybelline Express Finish in colour Diamonds Flash Cosmic

And this is why I am unsure about this colour, it just looks black.

Aside for in the sunlight when it looks kinda greenish... 

So I made it look better with glitter, glitter makes everything better!

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