Cocktails & Catch Ups

A few weekends ago Rachel  and I met up in Meadowhall for a catch up and a quick stroll through some shops.

This is what my face looked like.

We popped into Yours, Primark, New Look, Evans and H&M.

Twins'ing in this 90's tshirt and dress combo from New Look.

I tried on a few bits in Evans but wasn't all too inspired.

A bigger size probably would have looked better.

 Striped Sweatshirt
I DID wanna get this but couldn't justify £30 for it.

This is what I wore:
Striped top - Yours
Leggings - New Look Inspire
Loafers - Primark

Twins'ing in H&M aswell.

After all the shopping was done, we ended the day with some cocktails.
Im a massive cocktail fiend, and TGI Friday's really caters to that for me!

 Im pretty sure this is called a Gremlin??

The barman was very friendly and made us cocktails based on exactly what we liked, not bad barman, not bad!

As always, a good day was had with my dancing/drinking/changing room partner Rachel! Can't wait for next weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time. Love the tops in H&M! Those cocktails look good too! x

  2. What fun! I adore the sweatshirt. Always special when you can shop, chat and socialize with your friends.


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