From The Changing Room - Simply Be

A little while ago I went to Fat Shopping Mecca, Doncaster! 
I went with a friend from work to show her the Simply Be store, and Yours Clothing store.
 A heck of a lot of drooling was done over all the pretty dresses!

I wore my pebbles topknot with a bone hair clip, a standard for me now!

And as always, you have to be a train wanker and have a caramel latte from Starbucks!

 Here are some of my picks:
(some pics are blurry)
The first thing I wanted to try was the Pink Biker Jacket I saw recently on Nancy from Sugar, Darling?.
I wanted to try it because its pink, ok. There I said it. It's a cropped jacket too which I REALLY like. 
I tried this in a 26 and it fit quite fine. This is definitely going onto my wish list!

I tried this dress on next, my friend said it made her think of Asian School Girls for some reason, I do like it, but the collar and cuffs are very hard. But Its still pretty cute.

One of the lovely store assistant's was wearing this cute Daisy Print Doll Dress.
I tried it in a 26 and it fit fine, it's got a dip hem at the back which I like, again, something for my wishlist!

This little number is totally not my normal pick at all, its an AX Paris Peplum dress, it was VERYT structured and stiff, but I'm sure with a wash or two that stiffness would go. But I kinda like it. I don't do peplums because they don't normally sit right on my body cos of my tummy, but this one looked ok on me. 

I honestly couldn't leave without trying this beaut on! I'm a big Kimono fan and this Fringed Kimono fits the bill! 

As you well know, I have been getting into jumpers as of late, so naturally I had to try one on.
This Jeffery & Paula jumper is super comfy, maybe a bit see through, but I don't mind that!

This is another one for my NEED pile, the Bird Printed Doll Dress is just perfect!

So a different one to normal, and this is the reason why. Personally think this dress looks horrendous on me!

I've seen a few lovely ladies in this Scuba Prom Dress. It is very comfy, they only had a 24 in store, it actually fit quite well in this size. I think I am adding to the "I NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY" list.

One dress I fell inlove with was this AX Paris Lace Waist Skater Dress. Its quite fancy really!

This is what I wore.
Dress - Asos (c/o Rachel) // Blazer - Simply Be // Loafers - New Look

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  1. I really like the black one that looks like faux leather & ruffles. The one you say looks horrendous on you. I think it looks really nice on you!

  2. I hope you got more than one of the looks above! You are beautiful in so many of them!

  3. That dog bone piece looks awesome.

  4. Anonymous30/4/14

    I dont think the pepulem dress really works


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