Graze Box Treats

I got a Graze Box again. 
I started my subscription again because I honestly missed those fortnightly treats!

As always it comes beautifully packed, each snack pot in its own little compartment, information about the snacks inside is laid out in a pamphlet which has codes for free boxes in.
And they always have a nice little story about one of the snacks.
In this one it was about Beef Jerky and the happy cows that made it.

What I Got:
Korean Chilli Crackers
British Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky
The-Better-For-You Brownie

I do so love these Graze boxes! They fit right through your post slot in your door and are always filled with things you love!
I hardly ever get anything I wont like. And if I do, I always know I can thumbs down it on the website and they wont send it again.

Just look at all the boxes you can choose from!

If you wanna get a lil treat yourself, use the code LISAP69LB.
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Have you tried a Graze box???
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  1. I've seen this before but never got into it. I just did, using your friend code! Thanks! :)

  2. thanks for the friend code!!


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