York Adventures

So I recently went to York for the day with my friend Daisy from The Cutie Beauty Blog.

 Bus Selfie as per!

We got the train, we happened to get into the quiet zone, nice fancy seats and all!
We got to York at half ten'ish and walked into York centre. We didn't actually have any plans as such, we just went where the wind took us. 

 York Train Station has MANY BIG clocks!

We happened upon the Yorkshire Museum where we spent ages in the Dinosaur area, we did a children's activity sheet, which took us AGES to even figure out, tut tut.

We decided to dance on the Dinosaur footprints since we're adults and we can do what we want ok! 

York Selfie!

There were a few exhibitions on, mainly outlining ancient Yorkshire, Medieval Times and some Roman Ruins. 

 Old map of York, some girls remains, a publication of Shakespeare's plays.

Casual penis sculptures!

We DID go to the York Castle Museum, but that's for another post!

Naturally we went to the Disney store :)

Such a great day, but my feet were killing me at the end!

Do you like museums?

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  1. Love castle museum. We go every time we go to York. It's where my in laws live.
    Did you go for tea at Betty's?

  2. Now I've got 'Everybody walk the dinosaur' in my head! :) x

  3. I have never been to York!

    I think I have failed at life!


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