Cocktails & Catchups

I met Rachel last weekend for our monthly catch up and cocktails and some shopping.

I had breakfast with my folks at Ed's Diner.
I got Waffles with Bacon and Strawberry's with Maple Syrup.

I wore my Simply Be Denim Peplum I got a few weeks ago.

We started in Primark first, I HAD pickled up quite a few things including some lipstick, perfume and some cute tops, but when I saw the queue, I bottled it. It was already so hot in Meadowhall, to stand in the queue for 35-50 minutes seemed a crime!
(I'll get them at payday this month anyway)

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur really, we talked so much and laughed even more. 
We had awesome burritos and churros for lunch and an alcohol free margarita slushie, it was delish!

We popped into New Look where we tried on everything we could hold in our hands.
But I left with just one item. A kimomo.

We both tried on a playsuit in Yours, but it just wasnt for me.
But it definitely was for Rachel, she suits a playsuit so well!

We also went into H&M, recently I have been enjoying their fat size clothing, they're a bit awesome!
I tried on an oversized tshirt dress which was amazing, but again the queue was killer so I ended up dropping what I had and walking out.

We didn't manage to get many pictures since we were too busy nattering.
I'll be posting a Meadowhall Haul soon, look out for that.

We then went to Body Shop since Rachel had alerted me to a good deal she found on Vouchercloud. 

After schmoozing around some more we went to our old watering hole TGI Fridays for some cocktails and even more chatting and laughing.

I even got a cocktail with champaign in, how laadidaar of me.

I can't wait for our next meeting which should be Hair Dye Club in the beginning of July!

Do you have a monthly tradition with your friend?

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