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I wanted to do a sort of Blogger Shoutout thing for my friend Daisy who blogs over at TheCutieBeautyBlog.

I met Daisy over a year ago in training for my current job and after a few hours I knew we would get on well.

Daisy's blog is about beauty products and such.
She does a monthly challenge called What can I get for a tenner? where she goes to one company/store/website and finds some bargains for a mere £10.00.

If you're looking for some new bloggers to follow, go and follow Daisy, you won't be let down.

Aside for being a new blogger, she is my friend and adventure buddy.
And also my work saviour, I don't think a day goes by where we don't pull a face at each other, or show some rude gestures or swear at each other.

Here she is sporting a monocle.

Museum Selfie

She also takes selfies with me, so this makes her an acceptable human!

Here she is casually dancing on Dinosaur Footprints.
As you do.

Please go check this lovely lady out and send her some new blogger love!

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