Shake it like a polaroid picture!

I came across this company on facebook one day, thought it was a scam but for under £3 I figured I would give it a go.
And it worked just fine!

So FreePrints allows you to print 45 free images, you can log into facebook, instagram, or choose your own pictures from your phone, and all you pay is postage.

The photo quality reflects the quality of the picture you have chosen. So if its a grainy 1am club shot, it isnt going to be the best print.

They come double packed in a nice blue envelope and green photo envelope. 

They come in standard 4 by 6 inch size, but for a small cost you can choose to have larger prints.
I find the standard size fits fine for my needs.

If you take your pics directly from Instagram, you'll have a black side bar on either side of your image(seen below), these are easily cut off to create that Instagram square image.

I just cut along the outside of the actual image, I really love the square polaroid type photos, I love having these photos stuck up on my mirror. 

They do come in full size, I got a few pictures like this to keep for when I am 72, reliving the old days.
How cute are Daisy and I?

Have you ever used FreePrints? 

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