Simply Sales Haul'ing

I may have binged on Simply Be recently ... but it's totally ok, because I got some super cute stuff from the sales!

Here's what I picked up:

Short Sleeve Swing Tunic - £26.00
 Because tunics are always easy to pair with leggings or slim jeans, they're good for easy weekend wear, I also dress up a tunic with a blazer and chunky necklaces for work.
A girl can never have too many, plus these are swing style which I find to be flattering on my body.
I got the double packs because theyre great essentials.

Floral Print Leggings - £14.00
Because they're loud and bold, and they would be great with simple, plain coloured top.

Boyfriend Tshirt - £15.00 
Because it's a perfect example of a nice plain simple top for some bold loud leggings. 
I dont really have a simple tshirt so if not now, when, right?

Slim Leg Jeggings - £20.00
 Because I've never owned jeggings, I thought I would give them a go.
They seem like a good idea for work, Im trying to get myself to stop wearing leggings so much.

Heart Logo Vest - £10.00
 Because why not?

Lace Up Pumps - £9.00
 Because, pink trainers! Why wouldn't I?

 Because animal print, in red. 

 Because animal print, do I need another reason to NEED more animal print?

 Because I need a fancy dress for a fancy event. And this is fancy, kinda. 

 Because I've wanted it for ages

 Because I can. And well that's the beauty of having a job and having money!

 Because, swimming, duh! And this is a cute swimsuit!

 Because, cherry's!

I also got some more bra's. My favourite bra has broken and the one im wearing is on its way too!

And it was mostly all part of the sale, plus I had a discount code to use before end of August. 

Have you had a sales binge recently?

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  1. Wow lovely selection, because we work hard so why not!!! xx


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