Birthday Haul

Ok so not so much a haul but a gift.
Daisy was in charge of getting my birthday present from the team, I normally do it but you can see why that would cause an issue!
Here's what my team (Daisy) got me:
(this is a combination of things I got from my team, Daisy and Beth)

A fucking unicorn card,,, so apt!

This is called Cloud 9, from Urban Outfitters.
Weirdest nail varnish ever, I love it!

mini candles!
I got bubbles,,,, endless hours of fun right there!

I think this little mermaid phone case may be the best ever!
You can't clearly see it, but she is holding the apple on my phone, the case is clear so you can see the logo through the case, very clever indeedy!

 A friggin cupcake shower cap people, this is not a drill!!

Some Lush badboys from Beth & Daisy.
Can't wait to use these!
(in no way is this showing off, I was just so excited about all the awesome stuff I wanted to share)
Thanks everyone :)
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  1. so many cute things!

  2. You got some lovely stuff. Love the My Little Pony mug, and of course the cupcake shower cap! :)


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