Dancing Queens in Leeds

A few weeks ago it was my partner in crime Rachel's birthday so naturally we had to go out with all the lashes on and dance the night away in our special primark dancing shoes!
I wore a simple Black tunic with some nifty leather and mesh cut out on the top.
It has pocket ok people, pockets. This is NOT A DRILL! POCKETS!
We all know I'm fond of a pocketed dress! I got this dress a while back but never really wore it, so this night was the perfect night to crack it out.
Dress - Simply Be
Blazer - New Look

Rachel looked cute as always in this swing dress.

As always we did a pre dance selfie.

We spent some time in The Viaduct Showbar where we gatecrashed a couples night out.

 (still relatively cognitive state of mind)

The bar was selling slushies, so we each got a "sex on the beach" slushie but I got extra vodka in them. I was on a mission that night.
The slushies were amazing, I could have drank them ALL night long!

Hi new friend =D

I think these bottled shots were where it all went terribly wrong (right).
I just got sozzly from here on out to the point where I think Rachel danced herself sober and I just kept getting sozzlier.

Hi other new friend.

I just love this pic of Rachel and some of me. This just sums the night up in one image!

(that cognitive state of mind... GONE, along with my inhibitions!)

I had such a great night with Rach.

I slept well even though Rachel hogged the covers, I snuggled up to the sheet from the single bunk bed above us. Thanks Rach... love you :)

The next day I wore a pair of jeans... YES JEANS!
I have become so enamoured with these Rosie Skinny Jeans from Simply Be.

Rachel's Mr came the next morning to pick up his wives and we went to Five Guys for burgers and grape fantas.

Its hands down the BEST burger I have ever eaten!

I always enjoy our nights dancing till the sun comes up and I specially loved that Rachel got to see drunk Lisa again. It was a special Birthday treat for you!
Can't wait for our next boogy to our bestest favouritest!
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  1. Great outfit, delicious drinks, amazing time! ^_^

  2. Aww that looks like a lot of fun! :)


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