An Italian Affair with Piccolino

At the weekend we decided to go for a nice meal for lunch.

We are pretty picky as a family when it comes to eating out because we have ran our own food restaurant before so we have a certain standard we expect.
But we certainly don't mind paying for that standard.

So we went to Sheffield city centre, went for a nice walk through town and through the Winter Gardens and when we came out we stumbled upon Piccolino.

Its an authentic Italian joint, this is made very clear by the smells as you walk into the place, and the old style bread cutting machine, olives being handed out and the charming Italian waiters walking around humming and being jolly.

The Iconic Sheffield Silver balls just out the front of this place help top add a special touch to the look of this place.

The place is very open and bright which is always great, the huge floor to ceiling windows catch the light of the sun so wonderfully.

We got a bowl of fresh cut rustic bread, it was still warm from the oven, it smelt delicious, covered in herbs. There's a little bowl ready for your olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I couldn't wait to dig in and get dipping.  I love anything that gets dipped in balsamic vinegar so this ticked the boxes for me!

We ordered a table starter of Calamari which we ate so fast I didnt get time to take a decent pic.
It came with about 10 rings, which is surprising. We all chomped away whilst talking to one of the waiters about Italy and the village he grew up in.

For mains I had a chicken dish called Pollo Alla Valdostana.
It's Chicken breast with Prosciutto and Fontina Cheese, battered in breadcrumbs and friend in light butter. It was served on a bed of peppers, tomato and onions with capers and a pesto sauce.

It was sublime!

Dad had a steak and Mom had a veal cutlet.

For dessert I had a Coppa Di Ciocolata which is a Sundae really. 
Made with a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce with champaign infused pears and biscotti.

I love hazelnuts so this was a nice treat for me. The pears were a surprise, I didn't realise they had champaign in them but it really worked well with all the flavours.

Some more of the interior.

I am so happy to have found this place.
It cost just shy of £100.00 including a tip but its so worth it for the exceptional service and hospitality shown. AND to finally find somewhere that serves Veal.  I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea, almost everyone in this country does not agree with veal at all, but for us veal is a firm fave.

I think we will definitely return here.

Have you found any new hidden gems of the food world?

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