Graze Box Treats

If you've not got your hands on a Graze box yet, now's the time to indulge!
Graze have recently done a lovely re-brand and redesign of their boxes.

I've been a big advocate for the Graze box from the get go many years ago and have been treated to a few new treats and services as the years rolled on so I'm really pleased to see how far they've come in these short few years.

Graze now has over 15 boxes available including a tea box and a sharing box.

I got my box recently in the post, I took it with me to work as the snack pots are great to snack on during work rather than crisps.
I did get a pot with peanuts in which I don't eat so I gave that to someone in my team.

The boxes come really well presented with the logo on the front, on the back there's info about the box.

If you wanna pick yourself up a box, head to Graze and use the code LISAP69LB and you'll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free. How awesome is that eh!?!

In this box I got;
Brooklyn Bites
Applewood Smoked Beef Jerkey
Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie
Coconut Crumble Cake with Passion & Mango Compote 

I have custom made my boxes to contain a pudding option, a nut option, a savoury option and then a mystery prize.

The Beef Jerky is always good so I was happy to see this. 
The Brooklyn Bites is a new one, I loved it. 
It's made of Cheese cashews, poppyseed pretzels and pumpkin seeds.  

I'm popping this snackpot into my lunch today for a nice treat after my lunch. 

These boxes fit right through your post slot in your door and most of the pots keep for a few weeks.

Seriously, get over to Graze and start your snack subscription!

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