A Celebratory Haul

As most of you know, I am South African, a dirty foreigner. 

I've been living in UK for nearly 9 years now and in May my visa expires and things could go one of two ways. I'm hoping it keeps going to plan in I'm still here in a few months time. 
Part of being allowed to stay is getting Leave to Remain status which requires 2 tests. 
An English test and a Life In the UK Test, these two tests sadly cost quite a lot of money and if you fail, you don't get a refund, you have to learn again and pay again.

 So you can imagine how stressful it is to make sure you're prepared for these two tests which pretty much determine the rest of your life.
I studied for a VERY long time, over a year, to make sure I was 100% sure I would pass, only to find out I had been studying the wrong book, 2 days before the test!

BUT... I did them both and passed with flying colours!
So to treat myself I popped into Superdrug and got myself a few nice treats.

This lot came in at a cool £24.98, the Barry M was on buy one get one half price.

I've wanted a nice grey varnish for a while but none have really caught my eye, until this one from Barry M. It's called Vanilla and it dries to a nice matte grey. It only takes one coat to be totally opaque which is decent. 

This new Speed Dry Barry M has bought out really is that, speedy!
I got a summery coral peach colour because it was just perfect. And can you really have enough peach coral varnishes? I don't think so.

How cute it this colour right?!

I picked up this hand cream as it was inexpensive and I've been finding that in the winter, my hands are feeling worse and super dry.
I've used this a few time, working it into my cuticles too.

Not a bad lot for under £25 is it?!!

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  1. Congratulations for passing. xx

  2. Well done on passing, not sure if I would

  3. Congratulations girl! Hope everything else is fine :) Thanks for sharing this haul.


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