Ebay Wishlist #6

I'm back with another ebay basket wishlist and this time I have some corkers!

I have always wanted one of these rockabilly style cardigans, but never liked the print on them, till I happened upon this sugar skull goodness!

Opium was a fave scent of mine growing up as my mom used to wear it, so when I saw that they'd revamped and bought a new perfume I knew I needed to try it, and Im glad I did, its so gorgeous. It's a bold statement smell, just the kind I like!

As we all know, I'm a phone case fiend, so when I saw this cutie, I knew I had to get it asap!
I'm gonna wait for a few more china post items to fill my basket till I order it.

The Lime Crime Velvetine Lipsticks just look good, can you blame me for wanting one?

This lil backpack doubles as a standard handbag and a backpack so naturally I love it, plus its tan coloured and I do LOVE a tan bag! This is another one I'll be keeping in my basket for a china post order soon.

Okay, just stop right now and look at these slippers, how can you not NEED them?
They're the cutest ever!

I have a few jackets now with fur hoods, but I really wanna bring the fur off into my normal wardrobe like over a blazer, so I've decided I'm going to get a lush fur stole and make this happen!
Then come summer, I can store it away for another winter to come.

Finally, these cutsie vans, I love vans and specially with it being wet recently, it's always good to have a spare pair of trainers handy. These are just sweet and hello, its animal print AND hello kitty. Need I say more?

That's it for my wishlist, what are you currently coveting?

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