#PSBloggerLove - DoesMyBlogMakeMeLookFat

When Debz posted on Facebook that she wanted to do a big psblogger love special, I knew I wanted to take part.

The point of this is to share memories and nice things about a blogger, I got Becky from DoesMyBlogMakeMeLookFat.

I met her for the first time at a Rad Fat Bloggers shopping day in Doncaster, I remember that one of the first things I said to her was how big her boobs were and how posh she sounded.

Here's a picture from that day, feet tired and cards maxed out!

 My how we have all changed!
 We have met up again a few more times at events and other blogger meets, Its always nice to see friendly familiar faces when you go to events, and Becky is always up for a big squeeze and a giggle.

I particularly enjoy Becky's Photo Favorite posts.

I love seeing new bloggers and this is a great way to find them. Becky always seems to find so many amazing bloggers to share with us. 

 Here's some of my fave OOTD's on Beckys blog ...

Her style is so varied, I love the way she puts things together. Often things I wouldn't have thought of doing myself. Recently I have loved her vintage style.

Another thing I both love and am super jealous about it Beckys choice of lipstick! She is forever showing us new colours on Instagram, I want all of them! A girl after my own heart really, with bright pinks and reds!

Go on over to her blog, instagram and twitter and send love!
With this all being said, I must say that I love you all in our PSBloggers community, and those not part of the blogging world. I am so very pleased to be part of a place where we are fearless and dress exactly how we want, theres always so much encouragement from you guys. I am glad to have met so many babes and cant wait to meet many more in years to come! 

Who are you loving blogger wise lately?

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